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Welcome to my projects page! Here, you'll find a curated selection of my key projects, showcasing my expertise in various fields such as web development, artificial intelligence, digital construction, and humanitarian technology. Each project highlights my role, the skills I utilized, and the impact of the work. Explore the summaries below to get an insight into my contributions and the innovative solutions I’ve developed.

Bernie News Network

Instant, unbiased news

As CEO of BNN, I led the creation of a rapid news delivery system for Israel and the Middle East, using web development, data aggregation, and content management. My role included full-stack development, project management, and strategic planning, ensuring real-time, unbiased news updates via WhatsApp and Telegram.


Ukraine Siren Alerts

Enhancing safety in conflict zones

I alone developed Ukraine Siren Alerts to improve safety at the start of the war. Initially using sound recognition AI and digital API integration. My tasks included designing the architecture, developing AI algorithms, and integrating real-time data. Skills used included Python, TensorFlow, and data processing.


Build: Israel

Rebuilding Israel in Minecraft 1:1

As lead developer and head, I directed the recreation of Israel in Minecraft at a 1:1 scale with kids from around the country. I managed the project timeline, ensured accuracy, and coordinated a team of builders. My role utilized Minecraft tools, project management, and collaboration platforms, emphasizing educational innovation.



AI-powered cancer detection

I led the development of Ptolemi, an AI system for automated cancer cell detection using Python and TensorFlow. My role included developing algorithms, training neural networks, and integrating the system into medical workflows, showcasing my expertise in machine learning and healthcare technology.


Fair Lawn Face Shields

Protecting front-line workers

I initiated the FLFS project during COVID-19, producing over 8000 face shields for emergency services. I led a 4 person volunteer team, designed shields with CAD software, and managed production. My role demonstrated project management, supply chain coordination, and engineering skills.

FLFS (1).png

Project Dream

Full-scale Boeing 787 flight simulator

As lead developer, I, together with my friend, built a full-scale Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight simulator. My role involved designing hardware, programming flight software, and integrating control systems. Skills used included mechanical engineering, software development, and UI design, creating a high-fidelity simulation environment.

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