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Fair Lawn Face Shields

Support during Covid-19:

Drawing on my experiences with 3D printing and community-driven projects, and driven by the urgent need for protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was compelled to act. Observing the critical shortages faced by healthcare workers and first responders, I leveraged my technical skills and collaborative spirit to co-create the Fair Lawn Face Shields project. Using advanced 3D printing technology and a community-supported model, we produced and distributed over 8,000 reusable face shields, ensuring the safety and resilience of those on the front lines. This initiative exemplifies the power of innovation and collective effort in addressing urgent public health needs.

About the project

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, first responders and hospitals faced severe PPE shortages. To help, Daniel and I used 3D printers to create face shields, adapting Prusa Inc's design. We implemented sanitization methods verified by Labtech and SYNLAB and sealed the shields in plastic to prevent bacterial growth. We produced and delivered over 1,000 face shields to healthcare personnel and emergency service organizations across the United States.

We are grateful for the incredible support we received during the Fair Lawn Face Shields project. Thanks to our GoFundMe supporters, and the hard work of our team, including my father and sister, we successfully provided high-quality PPE to many during the pandemic's peak. Although production has ceased, we still have face shields available. If you need one, please contact me

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